Balancing Work and Chronic Fatigue

Do you work in the North East and also have a chronic fatigue condition?  Come along to our Forum for Discussion.  It can be really hard to get a good work life balance for professional people however having a chronic fatigue condition like M.E. or fibromyalgia can make things very challenging indeed, especially if friends, family and employers are not understanding to your needs.

If this applies to you perhaps you may be interested in our Discussion group.  Here’s what you can expect:

A forum for discussion for people to share their feelings and experiences.

Share tips and tools on managing a chronic fatigue condition

Explore pain management techniques and coping strategies

Promote greater understanding of the condition in the workplaces

Explore internal/external resources you need for personal/self management

have an opportunity to talk through issues / problems you are facing and choices you need to make

listen to others who may have similar feelings and experiences

help each other through sharing ideas and information and providing peer support


We aim to provide a forum for discussion where you can learn about yourself, a venue where you can meet on a regular basis to provide each other mutual support and understanding, and to enable you to meet others to discuss your situation, share your feelings and experiences in that they may also help others.

This is NOT a forum for someone who is currently undergoing help for addictions or experiencing personal crisis.


A forum for discussion
A forum for discussion

Most of our sessions are advertised on Eventbrite:

The first 20 minutes for each session are for people to come arrive, get themselves a drink & a seat and meet other people for informal conversation.  After the session starts late attenders will not be admitted as it disrupts the flow of the meeting – so if you are coming along please arrive on time.  🙂

All sessions take place at Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited, West Fifteen, Wickham View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 7PE