BreakFree: A Conscious approach to a Happier Life

How happy are you?

How often are you happy?

Can you define what happiness means to you?

What does it mean to you to be happy?

Often we are so busy on our life journey that we forget to take time to enjoy ourselves.  There is so much going on and many different demands on use whether it be family, partners, friends, work that enjoying ourselves becomes less important or harder to achieve.Newcastle Performance Coach Limited

In our series of workshops we will be exploring what happiness means to us and taking a conscious approach to life, exploring ways in which we can find more happiness and being more aware of the things that go on around us that bring us enjoyment.

Come along to our ‘BreakFree: A Conscious approach to a Happier Life‘ sessions and find out more.  All of our workshops are relaxed and informal – no powerpoint presentations and no flip charts.  What you will find is friendly people, an informal setting and plenty of coffee/biscuits while we run through the session.

Every session is different and we will update our posts on here with the content for each session in advance.

Most of our sessions are advertised on Eventbrite:

The first 20 minutes for each session are for people to come arrive, get themselves a drink & a seat and meet other people for informal conversation.  After the session starts late attenders will not be admitted as it disrupts the flow of the meeting – so if you are coming along please arrive on time.  🙂

All sessions take place at Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited, West Fifteen, Wickham View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 7PE


A Conscious Approach to Happiness
A Conscious Approach to Happiness