Forum for Discussion: work, pain and chronic fatigue

If you are one of the thousands of people who struggle every day with chronic pain and fatigue, you know how hard it can be. Others seem to go about their day without a care in the world, but for us it is different. For us, every day is a battle. Our family and friends may try to help but they can’t. Unless they have experienced what we have they can never understand. For us, simply getting out of bed in the morning is a fight we can’t always win. If you’re like us, you know how lonely it feels, how tiring, how frustrating it is to live a life in pain. If you’re like us, you’re sick of feeling alone. If you’re like us, we can help.
If you live in the North East and you suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic pain or chronic fatigue syndrome, you no longer have to be alone. There are others who have made a choice to stand together with support and love, people just like you who know your pain because they feel it too. Our Forum is a group of professional men and women just like you who know what it is like to suffer from chronic pain and fatigue because they suffer, too.
Our Forum provides a friendly opportunity for us to support and learn from one another. Our Discussion group allows us the safety and freedom to:
Build new friendships, exchange ideas and grow as individuals.
Share our feelings and experiences.
Learn new tips and tools to manage our chronic conditions
Explore pain management techniques and coping strategies
Deal with family friends and coworkers who don’t, won’t or can’t understand
A burden shared is a burden lifted. If you suffer from chronic pain or fatigue, there is no reason to suffer alone. Together we can accomplish what we could never do alone.