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2010 Weight Management. Will you help me achieve my goal weight?

I went back to Weightwatchers this morning and found that I had put on 5 1/2 pounds since I was last there a month ago. Yes I know it is bad but then again we have just passed Christmas and New Year.  Anyway I decided that I would set some clear goals for my weight-loss and break the weight into smaller achievable milestones over the year.  OK, I know I’m needing to lose stones in weight not just pounds, ooh err did I really admit to that!!!

I have looked at important dates for this year to help me with incentives for the weight-loss and have 2 big events in 2010.  My niece is getting married in May and my daughter is one of the bridesmaids so there is one big event just 4 months away.  The second is my nephew will be Christened at some point in 2010 and whilst a date has not been fixed I really want to be able to not have to panic if the date is fixed just weeks before.

I love the Weightwatchers eating plan as it has helped me in the past, and it allows followers to eat anything they like which will reallyhelp me to personalise meals to my personal tastes.

So I have the May wedding as my first target date to work towards and have set a goal for how much I need to lose for then.  My goal is written down and I also use a vision board to help me with my goals.

Obstacles; the best way of progressing to your goal is to anticipate what obstacles you will meet and how you will respond.   Here are a few of mine:

  • I do not eat fruit, vegetables (I do eat potatoes though), pulses, pasta, tomatoes, beans, soup ….
  • I have fibromyalgia and am physically limited to the exercise I can do
  • Having a 6-year-old daughter who loves puddings and pancakes can be challenging

My plan to get around this is to;

  • Stock up the store cupboard with things I do like so that I am not having to eat on the go as that makes things more difficult to stay in control.
  • I can pig out on sugar-free jelly so I will make sure that I always have some in the fridge should I need a sweet treat
  • Make sure that sweet treats for Georgina are things that I do not like so I wont be as tempted to cheat.  After all if I cheat on the diet the only person I am cheating is myself.

I also need to look at resources I have.  Well I have lost weight with Weightwatchers before so know that the program works for me and what I need to do to succeed.  I need to focus on the end result.  My sister ( a former Weightwatchers class leader) and my parents are very supportive so will help me, I must not interpret their support for criticism should I stray off the plan as they would only comment through concern me.

Moral support from others is very helpful and I go to a great Weightwatchers class in Newcastle and find the other members very supportive as is the class leader so this will motivate me to do well.

I hope that readers to my blog will follow my journey, share their top tips and keep me motivated to goal weight success.

I do understand that the weight-loss will take some time and I am willing to be on this journey for the long-term but know that when I succeed in losing weight that I will look and feel loads better.  My general health and wellbeing will improve and my confidence will increase.  It is not that I am not confident just there are some areas that I am not as confident in which I feel that losing weight will help.

Help keep me motivate, share your weight-loss successes, hints, tips and ideas with me.

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