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Juice Master, Jason Vale

The Juice Master (Jason Vale) on Ireland AM

The Juice Master, Jason Vale, talks about the benefits of juicing for weight loss on TV3’s “Ireland AM”. For more on juicing see   Jason Vale is one of the UK’s leading authority on health, addiction, and most
importantly juicing & using the power of freshly extracted raw
juice from fruit and vegetables.

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The Juice Master, Jason Vale, talks about the benefits of juicing for weight loss on TV3’s “Ireland AM”. For more on juicing see  

The Juice Master Keeping it Simple: Over 100 Delicious Juices and Smoothies by Jason Vale

The Juice Master Slim for Life: Freedom from the Diet Trap by Jason Vale

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5 tips to shed the holiday weight gain

5 tips to shed the holiday weight gain
Reported by: Eva Bowen

Katie Stumbo, Certified Trainer and founder of Katie’s Fit Life Bootcamps, offers five crucial tips for getting back on track for the New Year and shedding the holiday weight gain.

1. Cut out sugar immediately.
The negative effects of sugar – sugar is an inflammatory, affecting joints, internal organs and lungs: If you suffer from arthritis, soar or tender joints, gout, MS, Fibromyalgia or cardiac disease, sugar will make all these conditions worse.

Sugar is an immune suppressor: It drops your immunity and leaves your vulnerable to cold, flu or whatever bug is being passed around at the moment.

Diabetes, increase in fatigue, increase in anxiety: In adults sugar causes spikes in blood glucose levels which will signal your body to store as much weight as possible.

When your blood sugar drops and you feel that drag in energy, your body will start to crave more sugar and simple starchy foods and the nasty cycle will continue.

If you get off sugar after a history of consuming a lot, expect the following withdrawl symptoms: irritable, cranky, moody, fatigue, sweating, and possibly headaches. These symptoms might last up to three days.

2. Increase veggie consumption.
Ideally 70 percent of your diet should be vegetables and fruit. They provide healthy vitamins, minerals and fiber.

They also have been shown to fight and prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

3. Get physical.
If it’s been more than three weeks since you were regular with your workouts make sure you start slow. If you injure yourself in your first week back it could be months before you are able to shed your holiday weight gain.

Studies also show that the longer you wait after the holidays to get the weight off the longer it will take to get it off once you do restart a workout routine.

4. Build a support team to help you reach your goals.

If your friends, family and/ or coworkers know what your goals are it’s harder to rationalize skipping your workouts or to continue to consume large amounts of sugar. They will help keep you on track through encouragement and accountability.

5. Invest in a good pair of athletic shoes to keep your joints healthy.
If you have a little extra money, spend it in on your shoes. Like anything else a strong foundation is the start of any great company, building and your weight loss success.

And last, if you can, hire a professional to eliminate the guess work and help you reach your goals faster and injury free.

Source: 5 tips to shed the holiday weight gain

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