Coaching Investment Costs

Face to Face
You are welcome to come to our office for your face to face coaching sessions.
I can meet you at an agreed location in which case travel time and expenses are added to the cost of the session.
£149 for a single 90 minute session.
Book six sessions 6 hours of coaching time (can be broken down into 60 or 90 minute sessions) for £497
Telephone Coaching / Viber / Skype (audio)
You are welcome to ring us for your coaching sessions.
£97 for a single 60 minute session.
Book six hours of coaching time (can be broken down into 45 or 50 minute sessions) for £397 – great value as it save you travel time and costs.
1-3 hours are £10 – £50 each
3+ hours are £50 – £100 each
2 days are over £100
Prices are as advertised on Eventbrite.
Discounts are available to our coaching clients whilst they have ongoing coaching.