Did you reach your goals?

Did you reach your goals?

How specific were you when you set your goals in 2009?  When setting your goals did you look at what you had already achieved before deciding on where you wanted to go next?  Did you do what you wanted to do?  How well did you manage to focus your energy on doing exactly what you want and how much were you distracted with non urgent and unimportant things?

Looking back at your last years will help you to set standard for the things to come, raise the bar and your expectations for the future.  As you focus on your goals you will find that doors open up.  Focus on things that will be fund and which will take you towards your goals.

Sometimes making the right decision for you is what others may think are wrong decisions to make.  Whether it is deciding that you dont need to lose the last stone that will get you to goal weight because you are comfortable as you are, staying in a relationship that others think you should leave, not taking a job which would give you a hefty payrise so you can stay near to friends and family.  We are all individuals which our own needs, hopes and desires and when setting your goals it is important to remember that you are setting goals for you.  It is about what YOU want, not what others want you to do.  It is your life and you cannot live it for anyone else.  Sometimes success is about being able to say no.

When considering how you performed in reaching your goals last year look also at things you didnt achieve too and the reasons why as this may help you recognise what is truly important to you.  For example, the business owner who works long hours so that he can have a better life with his family, but in doing so spends less time with his family as his business grows and his relationships with his family struggles under the pressure.  Compare that with a person who sets up a business but it it is not as successful as the other person but he limits the time he works so that he has quality time with his wife and children.  The income is sufficient for them but nothing spare for excessive luxuries.  Who is the most successful in the above scenario?

If you are the person who set up business but it didnt reach the financial target you set but you had a great time with your family and relationships are strong then this should tell you what your priorities are.

Sometimes setting goals sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually not. It’s incredibly easy, decide what it is that you want, why you want it, how you are going to make it come about, and when you want to reach your goal.  Then focus on your goal daily and take action that moves you in the direction of the goal you set.  Before you know it you will have made progress.

One big area of my life I many people find is lacking and needs development is their social life. How often do you take time away from work and the family to spend doing things that you want to do.  Having a good social life improves your personal growth and is one of the most important goals to have.   If you are not physically healthy, you know it. If you’re financially limited, you definitely know it. Your personal growth is an important aspect, yet is often the area people are not aware they need to develop.

Many people do not realise they are neglecting themselves by not having a social life however it is important for our minds to switch off at times and for us to do things that enjoy.  Whether you are relaxing with friends, exercising at the gym, reading a book, listening to music or doing a study course it is all contributing to you personal growth.

So take time to reflect back on last year, what have you learned about yourself that you need to take into account when you set new goals for the future?

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