Setting your New Year Goals

Setting your New Year Goals

Seeing in another year, another decade was great.  I brought in the New Year at my sisters house, also there was her husband and 3 month old son, our brother and my husband.  I was a bit hesitant to go as it was a Wii party!! Yes, I have a Wii but the idea of a Wii party certainly did not appeal, however as it turned out the evening was brilliant.  We tucked into a 2 course curry meal delivered in the snow by a local takeaway.  Oh the perks of living near the town has benefits when it is cold and wintery outside and there is no need to go and get supplies, so different from when I lived in Rural Northumberland.

Anyway moving on, since the New Year and I have taken much time to reflect on my life and where it is going.  I know this last year I have turned a corner in my ability to control what happens in my life. I believe that we can manifest what we want with the Law of Attraction and know that I have already done it.  I have manifested material changes in my life (my car and 2 house moves) as well as changing the way I think and the actions I take.  I have looked back at 2009 and reflected on what happened in my life and will use this as I set my New Year Goals for 2010.  I asked myself:

  1. What where my goals for 2009; health, wealth, career, friendships, relationships?
  2. What were the big changes I wanted:?
  3. How did I set the goals, how often did I think about them, how did I think about them, was I really clear in what I was thinking and focusing on positive intention?
  4. What action did I take to reach the goals.  Which goals did I successfully reach.  Which ones were not met.  Why did I do better on some goals and not others?  Did I deliberately sabotage any of the goals, and if so why?
  5. For the goals I did not reach, how do I feel about not succeeding in those goals.  When I set my goals for 2010 will the unmet goals be on the list?  If so, what do I need to change about them to make them more motivating / inspiring to help me meet them this year?
  6. Are they the right goals for me and congruent with my values and beliefs?

When setting goals we need to identify where we are now in relation to the goal and where we want to be.  It is the gap between the two that will be the focus of my actions for the forthcoming year.  The difference between goal setting and goal achievement can be determined by your thoughts in that if when setting your goal you do not really believe it will happen then you are setting yourself up for failure from the outset.

Set goals that will motivate and inspire you.  Something that will excite you and which you will want to work on until you reach your goal.

So what about the New Year Wii party?  Well that definitely took me outside my comfort zone, not something I would normally have done however we all had a great time and what better way to see in another new year that with your family?  My family is very important to me and is the key to which goals I set.

If I am happy, healthy and relaxed that reflects on my friends and family and vice versa.  If I can help my friends and family be happy, healthy and relaxed it makes me feel great.  I believe that life is about people, I am there for my family and know they are there for me.  I know that I am fortunate that I have great support.

Have you set goals for 2010?  If so please tell me about them.


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