The Year That Was

The Year That Was

Now that the 2009 is over I’m taking some time to reflect on what happened over the year and to think about what’s next. No doubt you’re thinking about in store for you in 2010 as well.  I think that as a new year starts, and in this case a new year, many of you will also take time for reflection.

In 2009 I have had a number of health struggles, I became and aunt for the first time.  In the last 10 years I have had a change in employers, change in career, set up my business, got married, became a mother, moved house several times due to career moves.

When setting my goals I’m going to focus not just on the year that is ahead in 2010, but also the next 5 years.  Whilst it is great to look at small time-frames works a lot better for many people I also like to look at the bigger picture to see where I want to be in the future so also will make five-year plans and make sure my short and medium goals are in alignment with my longer term plans.

I look to the past to help me set my future goals, I find my experiences and life challenges help serve as learning tools and reference points for what I want now and helps me focus on what challenges and bad habits may get in my way.

2009 has been a particularly challenging year for me not least I realised how important my health is and that I had failed to make it one of my top priorities.  Working hard and taking insufficient time myself left me feeling particularly drained.  Living with fibromyalgia for the last 10 years has been very difficult and I must learn to live within the restrictions of the condition and taking time to look after myself instead of always trying to prove to myself that the fibromyalgia will not take control and ruin my life.  It is not giving in, it is about acceptance that things are different now then they were before and not to fight against things which I cannot control.

Another learning for me this year came as my thyroid became overactive in 2009 and I was later diagnosed with Graves Disease.  I have received medical treatment and consultations now for several months.  The conditions I have are not life threatening for which I am grateful however it brings home how vulnerable our health can be and you just do not know what is around the corner.  The best way I can ensure I am around for my family is to look more at my health and wellbeing by giving it greater priority in the future.

One of the challenges I have tried to tackle this year is my needle phobia, with regular visits to the hospital and gp I have struggled badly with the requirement to have blood tests taken each time, so I have had some EFT and found it helped.  Whilst I am not cured as of yet, I have improved and found the ‘tapping’ worked well.

As I look back, I realise this year more than any other year, that despite my health challenges my focus has never changed and I am as determined as ever before to reach the business goals I am working on, their importance the same as ever before.  But, I have to ensure that my business goals have no greater priority than my personal health and wellbeing.

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