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Press Release: BreakFree to a Happier Life

BreakFree to a Happier Life

31 December 2014


January 01, 2015

BreakFree in 2015 to a Happier Life
Achieve Your Goals with Group Coaching Sessions in Newcastle

Get the maximum benefits of working with a Personal Development Consultant as well as a having the chance to evolve alongside a dynamic group of people also seeking a similar outcome.

Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited are launching their new ‘BreakFree’ series of group coaching sessions in Newcastle. There is a wide variety of sessions available.

In addition to Goal Setting sessions for clients to set their 2015 goals they also run ‘Vision Board’ workshops where clients can create a visual representation of their goals for the year.

Also available are sessions for Finding Happiness, Developing Relationships, Building Confidence, Managing Stress, Mastering Work-Life Balance, Effective Decision Making.

As well as personal development sessions Newcastle Performance Coaching also a monthly Book Discussion group as well as a regular Friendship group; ideal for people new to the area or have found themselves wanting to get out more after their children have flown the nest or post divorce.

Head Coach Aly says “Not only do our clients come along to work on their goals but genuine friendships are often formed. Our clients will often return again and again as the sessions are great value and enjoyable.”

Regular coaching groups enable people to work on goals that help find that inner happiness, grow in confidence and shake of self limiting beliefs enabling them to embark upon new things.

Those in the group sessions learn what it’s like to shed those past experiences which may have held them back in life and approach living with gusto and variety. Many try out new hobbies, get out more with new found friends, develop fresh skills, as well as achieving dynamic personal growth.

The coaches also welcome clients to join them for social events in Newcastle whether it be for meal, a drink or a coffee – a great way to keep in touch with people they’ve met in the sessions and build new friendships – ideal for clients working on an improved social life or building confidence and are unsure where to start.

With the prospect of starting off 2015 on a better, more inspiring direction why wouldn’t you want to join in these great sessions and make 2015 your best year yet?

When you head along to any of the sessions you can expect a relaxed, informal small group of people, there is plenty of coffee and biscuits available – you’re very unlikely to see flip charts, Power Point Presentations or handouts – things are kept relaxed and enjoyable so people feel comfortable and able to get involved in the session. All you need to bring along is a pen, paper and open mind.

The focus of the 2015 Coaching Series is to ‘BreakFree’ from the norm – so come along and get involved – say goodbye to humdrum and mundane and say hello to a vibrant new life to make 2015 your best year yet.

Book into a sessions on Eventbrite, new sessions are added weekly, http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/newcastle-performance-coaching-limited-6295082261

Why Would You Want To Use A Personal Coach?

Why use a Personal Coach? There are many personal coaches (aka Life coaches) around the world, you can get amazing results through working with a Personal Coach.  Here is a short article on Personal Coaching and situations that clients will come to Personal Coaches for.

Do you ever feel that:

* Your life is out of your control?
* You are not where you could be or want to be?
* You don’t really receive the recognition you deserve?
* You don’t feel safe and secure in your relationships?
* You are often overlooked and undermined?
* You have strong desire but lack belief in your ability or the future?
* You are working harder but can’t seem to make any progress?
* You are frustrated because you can’t seem to break through the barriers in your life
* You are settling for less because it is still better than what other people have?

Do you ever wish that:

* You could have more confidence to do the things you really want to?
* You had more self esteem to stand up for what you believe in?
* You could command respect from your colleagues?
* You could impress others when they meet you?
* You could communicate your ideas with ease?
* You could stand up and speak in public?

What if you could do the above and:

* Eliminate Stress, Fear and Anxiety?
* Reclaim your Health by losing weight, quitting smoking, or dealing with other addictions?
* Improve all of your Relationships?
* Develop your Confidence and Self Esteem?
* Have more control over your life?
* Understand why people see you the way they do?
* Learn how to avoid these problems in the future?

Would you be willing to take the action necessary to bring about these outcomes? Is it just a wish you have, or is it a real desire to change? Have you ever thought “I deserve the best I can get in life and will do whatever it takes to get the best” If you are ready to give yourself the best in life, then please read contact us.

By the way the basic componants of behaviour are:

Be(behaviour)= Feel+Wish+Do

Each of us has a differing capacity of each, some prefer The Feelings (emotions) , some perfer Doing ( action) and other the Wishing( thoughts) , each has a profound cost and pay off. It also determines how you show up in life! And the capacity with which you live it fully,completely without limits. Only to figure that most of the programming to your behaviour happened at an unconcious level before your were even aware it existed. The turth of the matter is, by becoming aware of it you can then do something about it, and one of the best ways is with your Personal Success Coach.

As a Personal Success Coach I can work closely with you as you work on your goals, working with a coach will enable you to reach your goals quicker than should you have worked alone.

Further Reading

Be Your Own Life Coach: How to Take Control of Your Life and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams by Fiona Harrold

Brilliant Life Coach: 10 Inspirational Steps to Transform Your Life by Annie Lionnet

Brilliant Life: How to Live a Brilliant, Balanced Life by Michael Heppell

Life Coaching for Dummies by Jeni Mumford

Life Coaching – Change you life in 7 days: Change Your Life in Seven Days by Eileen Mulligan

Transformational Life Coaching: Creating Limitless Opportunities for Yourself and Others by Cheri Carter-Scott and Lynn U Stewart

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Have You Let Yourself Go?

Have You Let Yourself Go?

We all have those days when things dont seem to be going right, sometimes when we are unsure what to do next something catches our eye, this could be a comment made by another person, something on TV or an article in the press.  How often do we see recommendations on TV for a good book, a good recipe, or a motivational new film. 

Oprah is known for her recommendations especially when you need a swift kick up the bum – when you need someone telling it like it is, pulling no punches.  Many people turn to Oprah for weight loss advice and inspiration, tips on what to wear, hairstyles and makeup. In the UK a great lifestyle TV show covering these these topics and generally featuring ‘real’ people is ‘This Morning’ on ITV. 

How many of us would admit to having let ourselves go at some stage in our lives?  Many of us have a variety of life stories to tell, from abuse and weight gain to broken relationships and significant life changes that brought them to a point, they say, of losing themselves and letting themselves go.

The reason why TV shows like Oprah and This Morning are so great is that viewers know exactly how the show guests feel, and share similar stories of putting others first, feeling depressed, gaining weight and feeling hopeless and helpless to put things right  We look to those for inspiration, perhaps the way the featured guest deal with a situation would help us deal with ours, or motivate us to take action on something that has been wearing us down for a while, for example; take action to lose weight, reduce alcohol intake, end a failing relationship, combat fears and phobias …

Have you ever watched one of those TV shows and thought to yourself “I feel like I have let knowing who I am go”,  “Why am I putting up with this situation?”,  and I don’t want to settle for just anything. I want to get back on track. I need help and I dont know where to start” ”

Life Coaching could be the answer, as your coach I will not dwell on your problems but work with you to find strategies and solutions to move you forward, decide what you want to happen and how you will go about it, then working with you regularly (weekly / fortnightly).  I will work with you on your journey as I do with all my clients as you pick yourselves up, brush yourselves off, and get on with creating your new life.

Coaching sessions generally take place over the telephone, Skype or MSN at a time mutually convenient to both of us.  Payments for sessions are paid through PayPal in advance of the session.  In addition to one-to-one coaching I also offer an Online Personal Coaching Program and a selection of Ebooks that may be of interest to you.


To make a start today grab yourself a pen and paper. 

At the top of the page write “Who am I?” and write down at least 20 answers.

On the next page write “What do I REALLY want” and again write at least 20 answers.

Well done, you have made a start, let me know how you get on.

Life Coaching Courses For Your Career And Confidence

Not all souls have large amounts of confidence and many of them don’t know the importance of it. Personal confidence coaching makes you secure in terms of your personal confidence and well being.

It gets you stronger with relationships, with your partner as an example. It is the one that makes you prosper for the formation of yourself, the expansion of your job, or the one that makes your life pleasant.

So if you want to gain felicity, self esteem and confidence, it best to begin forefend thoughts that are bitter and act as you should. You must be pleased with who you are and love yourself.

Focus on your ability and not your weaknesses. You must know the origin of the troubles you’re having with yourself to be capable to know what you can really do.

Have you ever thought of the lifetime that you’ll be having in the future? Rather than simply trusting your imaginativeness that can inevitably be changed or be gone any time, drawing or writing your plans for yourself can be to a greater extent assuring. You can focus on what you hold, you have just drawn or written – whether it consists of making a family unit of your own or getting the business that you had perpetually dreamed of.

You, must have felt physical or emotional hurt that have nearly made your world to stop turning. This might have been produced by your former better half, friends, oppositions or even yourself. You can never find happiness without burying those tough memories, so begin moving on. The beginning stride in moving on for the life you desire is to pioneer a plan. Live each day by agreeing with the values and esteem yourself once more to gain self-assurance and peace.

Life coaching can assist you with all the measures that are written above. A life coaching expert can give you a vast amount of assistance with personal career coaching and confidence coaching. You’ll be guided with the recognition of your negative views and behaviours that play a key role in your awkwardness in matureness and personal growth. Those negative views will be gradually resolved, for you to be fit to find the real you that’s been hiding all along. Your life will be adjusted along with your habits and values.

Source: Life Coaching Courses For Your Career And Confidence | Insomnia Remedy Review

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