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Fibromyalgia and Obesity

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Overweight Women May Fall Prey to Fibromyalgia | TopNews New Zealand

According to new research, women who are obese and overweight, especially those who do not exercise at all or exercise for less than an hour a week are more prone to develop the widespread pain disorder fibromyalgia.

The researchers concluded, “Being overweight or obese was associated with an increased risk of fibromyalgia, especially among women who also reported low levels of leisure time physical exercise”.

They further added that Community-based measures which focus at reducing the incident of fibromyalgia should highlight the importance of regular physical exercise and how a normal body weight can be maintained.

About 10 million people are estimated to be affected by fibromyalgia. According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, people suffering from it experience widespread pain and tender points along the body, extreme fatigue, sleep problems, depression, and problems with cognition.

About 380 new cases of fibromyalgia were diagnosed among 15,990 women during the 11 years between the two surveys, according to two studies, HUNT1 and HUNT2. The study showed that exercise tended to offset the fibromyalgia risks posed by obesity.

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