Set goals for a better social life

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Set goals for a better social life

Do you like to be by yourself and have time alone or do your crave interaction with other humans.  How healthy is your social circle?  How often do you make new friends, how good are your relationships with others and do you make time to have fun with others?

Many people set goals around improving their social life and circle of friends.  But for some it is easier said than done, it’s not like you can buy a few mates at the local supermarket or drive-through.  A good place to start is to have a goal to have certain experiences and work on the aspects of yourself that would lead to those experiences. 

It is more than saying that you want more friends or a better social life, be as descriptive as you can.  What will the new friends be like, where will they socialise, where do they shop, what would they talk about, what hobbies would they have?  Ask yourself if you do those things and if not live the life that your new friends, go to places where you would meet them, do things that they would do, get out there and take action.  Although you do not realise it at the point of setting your goal you will be amazed at how the right people will come along at the right time just as you wanted.

As with any goal it can be frustrating at times when you hit roadblocks or obstacles and feel that you are experiencing a lack of results in certain areas that you have had throughout your life, or stopped yourself because of the same fears, self sabotage can really test you. 

Be confident that things will change, it may be gradually  but in time when you look back at the last month, the last year, as you look back, you will be amazed that what you set for your goal has happened. You will have experienced what you wanted to.

Of course experiencing what you wanted when you set your goals will inevitably led to changes, but it may be that in reaching your goal that you realise that it is not what you wanted after all.  That’s the great thing about taking action – you always learn something, often creating an awareness that what you thought you wanted is not what you wanted, or after experiencing something, realizing that you had made that experience out to be something more than it actually is. The important thing is that growth occurs, you can look back wiser and reflect on what you have learned and experienced as you set new goals for the future.

We all have areas of our lives that at times we may feel insecure about. There will always be challenges and fears of the unknown are natural.  Coaching helps you face your challenges and fears head on so that have less power over you. 

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